Why Blog? Why Fashion?

I guess I can start this out answering the question of why.

I decided to start a blog because it just made sense to me. I’ve taken on the role of managing social media platforms for my agency and a lot of the clients that we work with. So I wanted to familiarize myself more with this world. I’ve had a Tumblr since college but I don’t really use it anymore. Then the other day I remembered that I had a WordPress account and I decided to bring it back to life.

As a writer I always have a lot to say, but sometimes I don’t always know the best way to say it. So I blog. I blog because it’s an easy outlet for me to say what’s on my mind. Writing Therapy if you will. Most of my posts will probably be about fashion, the industry, my personal life or just random things I want to share.

Why fashion? Well I guess you could say I was born into it. Both of my parents are a part of the entertainment industry so being around fashion was just the norm. I have a funny story I  can share with you. When my mom was working with Children’s Miracle Network back in the day she would often bring me along with her. This year (I think I was about 4 years old) I joined her and Marilyn McCoo on a show. We were in the limo and Marilyn was changing for her next gig and I realized that she changed her outfit but kept her shoes on. DIVA MOMENT WARNING : Suddenly I said, “Are you really going to wear those shoes with that dress?” She and my mom looked at me and then laughed. I guess that was an early sign that I would come to love fashion.

When it comes down to it, I simply just love clothes and shoes. I’m a sucker for a cute look so why not talk about it?


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