Cheers To The Weekend

There’s nothing I love more than a Friday. Well I lied, I love Saturdays, Sundays and days off…but you know what I mean. This weekend I’m going to get real serious with my life and my working regimen. I’ve been slacking and the results are really starting to show. I used to go to Spin Class every morning at 5:30am before I would head to work. It was great. Yes, it was a littler hard to get into at first, you know waking up super early and all. But the class was amazing. I have a different instructor on Monday and Tuesdays and then Wednesday through Friday I have the same one. His name is Paul. He is hilarious and great! With his class he focuses on working on full body workouts on the bike, and not just legs. But anyways my reason for bringing up the weekend is that by not working out often like I used to my energy level has gone way down. I’m always tired and I’ve been so grumpy. When I work out it’s like a new high. That being said…I gathered my work clothes into my Jessica Simpson fashionable gym bag and tomorrow evening I will be going to the gym. And then again on Sunday and hopefully my body will allow me to start back up with Spin classes come Monday Morning.

Here’s what I take in my gym bag :


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