Trendy Tuesday

Alice In The Eve peplum top, $63 / Spiked jacket, $32 / Kenzo / River Island thigh high boots, $110 / Clutch purse
It’s Tuesday – a great day to talk about fashion and a few of my new found necessities! So first, I have always loved the look of smokey eyes. I find them to be intriguing and sexy. When I do my own make up I tend to go for a brown smoke simply because I am so light, but I think I may have found a way to go darker without looking…trashy.
Peplum Style – love, love love! I find it to be a look that can work with any body type if of course worn the right way. My favorite combos Peplum Top & Pencil Skirt (similar to above) or Peplum Top with skinny jeans/fitted trousers. I really like the geometric aspect of the tops simply because they can hide any excess weight you’ve put on throughout the holidays…winning!
When it comes to skirts, I’ve always been more of an umbrella type girl. I think they just work better with my body type, but recent I’ve found some super cute Pencil Skirts I may just have to write into my wardrobe! It can be tough for me to find the right one sometimes. Either it’s too short, or the slit is too high, or my legs are too thick and my waist is too small or it just isn’t right at all! NY & Co. has solved a lot of my work outfit drama (thank you for catering to the tall thick chicks!)
And lastly…studs! I bought a pair of all white chucks a while back with the intention of having a DIY Stud Day…and I just haven’t gotten around to it. But I am all for accessorizing a look with a clutch, bracelet, or even some sassy shoes covered in studs!
What trends are you becoming a fan of?

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