Text Over Textiles

A HGTV and DIY addict!

I wouldn’t say that this came as a surprise to me. When I was younger, smaller, and blonder, I would always dream of becoming and interior designer. I would often find myself  sitting in the backseat of my moms station wagon, window down, with a not so pony like ponytail that actually resembled a huge cotton ball due to its quantity  of curls, driving by million dollar homes in Beverly Hills and imagining their decor – from hardwood floors to tray ceilings and crown molding. Of course, aside from the hardwood floors, I didn’t know what those terms consisted of, yet alone existed. But one thing I was sure of was the fact that those terms would make their way into my vocabulary and become a part of my every day life.

As the years went by I found myself gaining more interest in the design aspect of homes rather than the actual architectural features. Little did I know I would soon take designing one step further  leaving behind my dream of interior designing and create a new dream….graphic designing. Switching up majors in college and focusing on text vs. textiles I found a new palette and new love….my computer.

Only recently have I grown nostalgic towards my childhood aspirations of becoming an interior designer, and I’d have to say I blame HGTV and DIY. I find myself watching those networks for hours! Dreaming of all the homes I could have designed – heck, forget designing….. I wish I lived in some of those homes!! One day, maybe when I reach retirement, I would love to go back to my first love of interior designing. Until then, I’ll keep redesigning my own home for the heck of it!

Dream Kitchen


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