It’s Crunch Time . . .

What better way to start out the New Year than with a resolution that I actually intend on keeping! I plan to get in shape and STAY in shape! I know I’ve said that before…but I’m serious this time. I have four main reasons why/how this should be easier for me.

1. My bestie, Presh aka The Educated Squatter recently started a blog! One may ask, what does that really have to do with helping me get in shape….well, be patient. Presh is super active and is working on getting her body fit and legit! I always think working out is so much easier when you have a partner who is just as dedicated (in my case WAY more dedicated lol) than you are! So bring it on Presh!!

2.  About a month ago I got into a car accident – car totalled in all. Nothing broke, Praise the Lord! Yet, now I am left without transportation…therefore I walk / take the bus to work. Though it’s a mere mile of walking (the rest is bus riding) it’s a nice little exercise early in the morning. Plus…it’s always cold around 7am so it helps wake me up and be more energized throughout the day.

3. There’s this guy named Jeff that goes to my church and he is a fitness addict! He teaches a lot of fitness classes and coordinated awesome groups to help individuals work out. So Presh and I decided to join him and his group this Saturday on a hike near the observatory – should be fun! I’m also considering being more social and making more friends so now I will have multiple work out buddies – double score!

4. More workout buddies! My adopted cousin that I now claim, Mary, bought herself and I Groupon passes for Bar Method! I had never heard of it until she told me about it but apparently a lot of her co-workers love it. It’s supposed to be a mix of ballet, stretching and muscle toning – awesome!

So now that I have four reasons to have zero excuses….this better work! Pray for me y’all!! 🙂

I’d LOVE to have a body like this :




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