It’s Time To Grow Up…

So I’m going to be 24 this year (May 17 – go Taurus).

I feel like it’s only right that I really start acting and living like the grown woman who I am, or think that I am for that matter. Before my 24th birthday I would like to accomplish the following in no particular order:

  1. Own a car (I had one, but if you read point #2 in my previous post, you’ll find that I no longer do);
  2. Own my own apartment (Yes, I do need to move out and have a place to call mine);
  3. Raise my credit score (As of now it’s in pretty good standing, but since the only credit I have are student loans, it makes points #1 and #2  difficult);
  4. In conjunction with #3 I need to get a credit card (one that I will cut up and/or let someone else that I trust hold to stop any temptation);
  5. Lose 30 lbs (It’s harder to lose their the older you get so I’d like to start off this birthday year healthy!);
  6. And last but not least – I need to decide whether I want to go back to school or not (the deeper I get into my career may make this harder further down the line).

So…looks like I have a lot of decisions to make within the next few months.



One thought on “It’s Time To Grow Up…

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