• A Creative With Creative Swag •

So one of the reasons I started this blog was to work on my graphic design and photography. In doing so I’ve taken it upon myself to recuit my friends to be my models (thanks in advance loves)

Meet Imari.
Hometown : Louisiana
Current City : West Hollywood
Imari Imari started in our NY office as an intern while in school and our agency loved him so much that we brought him to LA…his new home. Since then we’ve become great friends!

Let me just tell you that he never has a dull day.
His hair is perfect.
His swag is flawless.
His personality is everything.

Currently working in the Creative Department he has big dreams…one fly fit at a time.


Dream Job : Director of Creative Services / Executive Producer
Aspirations : I want to be what Willis was talking about
Inspiration / Style : I like to look how I feel. Fashion is an important outlet to me. I can say so much by saying so little or nothing at all.


Thanks Boo!


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