• Fashion Feature •

Continuing my randomness of bugging my friends to be my models, I’d like you to meet:


Britney B. 
Hometown : Between Los Angeles & Vegas
Current City : La Verne, CA


Dream Job : Dope Mommy/Wife

Aspirations : To own as many old school Chevys & Retro Jordan’s as possible while being an exemplary woman who puts forth the effort to help as many people I can before I leave the earth.


Fashion Inspiration : Punky Brewster x Denise Huxtable x Hilary Banks

Fav Item to Shop For : I love to (window) shop for Presidential Rolexes, but an item I can’t help but buy anytime I go shopping is cool Socks.


Even though Britney and I went to rival schools (boo LMU, Go Waves!) when we first started working together we instantly became friends! I love her style from head to toe so I  just had to share it with you!

• Thanks Brit •


3 thoughts on “• Fashion Feature •

  1. Cute, cool look! And I have to say that is the BEST fashion inspiration description I have ever read!!! She had me at Denise Hux, but to add Punky Brewster and Hilary Banks?! She nailed it, too.

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