A New Home : DIY Deco

As I recently shared the news with you that I will be moving into my new apartment on the first of March (woohoo!), I was thinking of some design ideas to utilize. Since this will be our first apartment, I am getting super anxious and excited, that all I do is window shop online of all these great ideas to decorate with.

The color palette that we’ve chosen is shades of brown and shades of blue. Which makes decorating a litte easier because a lot of my stuff from college is blue. We’re thinking of a chocolate and latte combination with hints of baby blue and teal.

The other day I stumbled upon this super cute bedspread for so cheap! I need to go into the store so I can feel the material before I buy it. But it matches our colors perfectly!

A design tool that I saw on Bath Crashers on the DIY Network looked super fun and exciting that I may want to try around the whole place…in moderation of course. They had this little snippet of how to use and create Wall Treatments to add a touch of character. I love this funky design here. But I was thinking something like these:

I absolutely LOVE the chalkboard one. That will probably definitely go up by our kitchen area so we can leave notes for each other and make a grocery list!

If you know of any great decorating ideas or places where to find quality (yet affordable) furniture, decorations, and more….please contact me! I love finding little hole in the wall places that have so much to offer! 🙂

P.S. Did I mention that our new home has a walk score of 85!?! Talk about plenty of great new places to explore!


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