Adore The Core

Anyone that knows me knows that while I love fitness, (I mean I grew up playing literally every sport) it has just really not been for me lately. My weight fluctuates way more that I would like it too, but it’s my job to try and keep it together. So about three weeks ago I started back at it, trying to work out everyday, trying to eat healthier (emphasis on the trying), and just getting my physical appearance back to the way it used to be senior year in college.

Side note: I’ve also recently become infatuated with Pinterest, which really helps me find great new workouts to try!

Anyways, so I’ve been doing pretty good lately! I’ve lost about 2 pounds and I can start to see a change in my body.

My goals are: flatter & tighter stomach, bigger ass (I mean who doesn’t want one), boost my energy level, eat healthier, clear up my skin, and of course, just lose weight and be healthy!

Wish me luck!


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