Switching It Up

As some of you know, I grew up in the entertainment industry, by way of my parents. I’ve learned a lot from them and their friends. From being on set, at photo shoots, to the simple facial recognition while in the grocery store. All the while I always told myself, as amazing as the entertainment industry is, it’s just not for me…well not in front of the camera at least. I’ve studied media and advertising since college and have always been behind the scenes (literally). Though for some STRANGE reason, as of late, I’ve wanted to step out to the other side.

So about a week ago one of my friends told me that Wet Seal was launching a new line for plus size clothing. And while I’m right on the border or plus and uh…regular? size I thought, why not give it a shot. So I had my best friend Casey come over one evening to do my make up because let’s admit, I’m just an eyeliner and mascara kind of girl.

It was actually kind of fun and exciting being the one in front of the camera, but let me try not to get too used to it!

Here are a few shots that we took, they came out great and I’m pretty happy with them! So now it’s the waiting game and I guess we shall see if I get selected! *crosses fingers*

Look One: Urban Outfitters Crop Top, Wet Seal Overalls, Guess Heels
Look Two: Mode Plus Dress, Steve Madden Pumps


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