Daily Do’s And Don’t’s

Good Morning Loves! It’s Wednesday, thank the Lord! We are halfway through the week and a couple of days closer to Saturday and Sunday! As much as I love enjoying each and every day of my life…getting out of the bed is a struggle. The main reason being because not only do I not always sleep very well, but I do have to wake up early to make my morning drive to work, which can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes, depending on that good ‘ol LA traffic. But I digress…I am thankful for having a job and being able to wake up every morning!

That being said, I’ve started to piece together different daily routines, to not only help raise my energy level, keep me on track, but also just to get in the habit of doing things that I really need to be doing. Now, I don’t do the same thing every day or every Monday per say but I do have a list of things that I need/want to accomplish on a daily basis.

The Daily List:
Pray! (I really need to get better at doing this the first thing when I wake up)
Pick out my outfit for work the night before
Wake up on time (try to limit my snoozing to 2 times or less)
Pack my lunch for work (I’ve also been trying to save money and not eat out a lot)
Be productive at work (get ahead, and don’t procrastinate)
Try not to drink coffee in the morning (maybe tea or just water)
No snacking (unhealthily, because let’s face it….food is amazing)
Read a news article (I can’t be oblivious to the world all my life)
Work out every night (weekends are off days, and swimming is a bonus)
Go to bed at a reasonable hour (laughing at myself for thinking this actually will happen)

I think that’s about it. Then of course every week I do the usual (or at least try to): go to Church on Sundays, spend time with family, hang out with friends, date night, update le blog, etc.

And of course I will continue to push myself and have more personal goals that I want to accomplish throughout the day, but I think I’m off to a pretty good start!



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