Vague “Beauty”

Bouncing off of my previous post, I wanted to expand a bit more on the matter of self-confidence as it pertains to the way one looks. In our society, beauty can be defined in many different ways. Years ago it used to be so streamlined and defined by the masses. You had to be white, or a fair complexion. You had to be skinny, or thin. You had to have long hair. You had to be feminine. You had to be whatever everyone else in the media classified as beautiful. When someone said that a woman was beautiful, a certain image popped into your head of what you considered to be beautiful. An image portraying what beautiful women typically looked like.

But now you are starting to see so many different varieties of women that are all beautiful within themselves. You have thick women of all shapes and sizes. You have androgynous women mixing up their hairstyles and fashion. You have women looking like every walking complexion out of a Crayola box…and the list goes on. So now when the word beauty comes to mind, you can’t just classify it to one look, one woman. It’s so many different things. And for that, I have to say I’ve never been more excited. While there are still celebrities and females being idolized based upon their looks, if you were to look at the cover of a magazine today and compare it to one from at least forty years ago. You could surely point out at least 20 differences. I guarantee it.

So my wish today is that whatever we are doing, whatever we are changing…I hope we can keep it up as a society. There’s no need to be trapped inside of this image of beauty. Be who you are. Wear what you want. Look how you please. But just always remember that beauty no longer has one definition….you now have the ability to define it yourself.


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