Let’s Just Be Real

As a young woman I have found myself continually searching for a certain level of realness. In a society like the one we live in today it’s pretty easy to be exposed to fake things. Whether it be people, situations, opportunities, or whatever – it’s everywhere. And for that reason alone I’ve found it very hard to bring myself to trust people. I have never been the type of person to do any and everything to get ahead. I don’t know if that comes from my insecurities and just not even being confident enough to put myself out there. But if that is the case then I’m thankful for that.

When I look at young women around me doing the absolute most to try to make a name for themselves, it just kind of saddens me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being a hustler, trying to come up and be noticed. But it can only go so far. If it’s starting to look like you are acting out of your character, becoming desperate, losing hold of your values, and forgetting where you came from – then by no means will I support you. It’s already hard enough for women to be taken seriously, so you’re really not making it easier for any of us.

Growing up in the entertainment industry I have heard my parents tell stories of people who took a turn for the worse, simply by just trying to get ahead. I find it incredibly sad that fame, attention, and recognition can change who people really are. There are certain people who live for this stuff. They want to go to every party, be seen with anybody who is somebody, and in doing that they are losing the foundation of their character. I’ve come to realize that even as sad as it is, a lot of people in this world will only come around you if they can benefit from you – and there’s a positive and negative side of that, depending upon how you approach it.

If you make it a point to only surround yourself by people who can better you, truly valuing these relationships and not taking them for granted or abusing them – then there is nothing wrong with that. Surrounding yourself by hardworking, successful people is guaranteed inspiration and motivation. But if you only try to create relationships and hold onto people solely for the purpose of getting something out of it or gaining something from them – then you’re doing this all for the wrong reasons. And eventually things will catch up with you. I’ve always heard the saying “it’s lonely at the top.” But that doesn’t always have to be accurate. The top can be rewarding and fulfilling if you’ve built the foundation correctly. You will stand tall and be surrounded by things you truly value and people who support you. But if you build an empire on cheated success and false realities, nobody is going to want to hold you up and eventually you will fall.

So for those of you out there wanting to be somebody, trying to be successful, and hoping to be discovered – think about how you want create your future. Think about what you want your endgame to look like. If there is something out there that you want, I guarantee you, you will get so much more pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that you did it and obtained it on your own. Don’t use people to build you up, because remember, if you needed them to build you up, it’s very possible they have it in them to bring you down.


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