Words of Encouragement

I seem to have a bad habit at falling off the face of the earth with this blog. Which is quite strange to me because I’m very passionate about it and I love writing. But on the other hand it takes time for me to process my thoughts to make sure that I’m getting the proper message out. I have a tendency to ramble, you should know that if you’ve been reading along for a while. But needless to say I am back with a slightly short post today.

(Side note: In case you were curious about the BTS of this blog, I just wrote an entire post and deleted it because it wasn’t the direction that I wanted to go in. Le sigh. Moving on.)

I find it a little hard to write positively when there are so many things going on in this world that are sickening and heartbreaking. As an adult I have come to notice that not everyday is going to be a good day. Not everyday is going to be the best day of your life. Things happen to people every single day. Some people have it easier and better than others. But you (speaking to myself as well) have to take it upon yourself to stay positive. Keep having Faith that everything will be okay. Could you imagine if everyone in this world and everyone in our past just gave up once they got discouraged. I don’t even want to think about where we would be if that happened. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be alive if that were the case.

So my short note to self (and to anyone else who is listening), is to just keep on fighting. Don’t lose hope, and don’t give up. Whether it’s with work, relationships, health, friendships, hobbies, whatever it may be…you can do it.

“Whether you’ve just had another setback chasing your dreams, been rejected by someone you care about, faced tragedy, or you’re just feeling drained from the ups and downs of this journey we call life, remember that things can turn around in an instant. All you have to do is keep moving forward, even when it feels like it would be easier to just lay down and give up.”

Believe in yourself.


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