Throwback Thursday – High School Graduation Poem

This is a poem I wrote for my high school graduation ceremony in 2007.

I fell like time is going by so slow
What’s gonna happen next, I’m dying to know
All I do is run up and down this court
Then when it’s gone, life was just too short

I’m now moving on and becoming me again
Grow old with me and always stay my friend
It’s taken a while to discover the real me
Different of course, but what I want to be

We’ve all moved on, through all these years
Discovered the new and fought our fears
Some of us are like family, some haven’t met
But we’re all the same, in one way I bet

Freshman year was a start, we were all so small
We kept our heads up and still always stood tall
Sophomore year we were back at SAMO again
No more freshies, and finding more friends

Junior year was tough, AP classes and all
Trying to go big, without taking that fall
Senior year was amazing, it was such a blast
Prom and turning legal, it went by way too fast

I remember when we met as if it was yesterday
Who would have thought we’d end up this way
So close and like family, always and forever
Friendship is something you should always treasure

I can’t believe that we’re finally done
I’ve dreamt of this moment since I was one
I bet you have too and no we are here
Smiling, laughing, and of course those tears.

(College Grad Picture lol)

Me & Mommy


A Lack of Acceptance

In high school and college I often used poetry and writing as a coping mechanism. I haven’t written much lately and part of that is due to my busy work schedule and personal life. I’ve been meaning to get back in the habit of writing everyday (which is one of the reasons I started this blog), but I haven’t been faithful to my poetry. Anyways…today a co-worker and I were speaking about poetry and creative writing and I thought it would be a good time to do some reminiscing and go through some of my old poems.

I went to my documents and scrolled through documents and documents of poetry. I found one about the beach that I was going to read but my fingers mistyped and brought me to this….

A Lack of Acceptance . . . by Kopper Joi (me!)

A collision of faith and acceptance
hit the canvas like a gunshot to the heart.
A painful, yet not always instant kind of hurt.
Faith rejecting her acceptance,
While the acceptance of you will contradict her faith.
Holding your relationship in a stormy sea of high
tempers with a slight chance of rejection.
Your acceptance of yourself has led you to question
your faith as the fear within your heart rumbles
through your veins and pulsates between
each and every single breath that you take.
Yet with assurance that some will still love you,
you force yourself to change into something,
something that is not what you want
but is forced upon you. With hands joined,
knees bent on the ground and eyes snug within eyelids;
You pray that one day they will love you
but love you for who you are. They will have faith
in our every judgment and they will accept
every move that you make from within your heart.
Regardless of faith, in honor of acceptance.