• Fashion Feature •

Continuing my randomness of bugging my friends to be my models, I’d like you to meet:


Britney B. 
Hometown : Between Los Angeles & Vegas
Current City : La Verne, CA


Dream Job : Dope Mommy/Wife

Aspirations : To own as many old school Chevys & Retro Jordan’s as possible while being an exemplary woman who puts forth the effort to help as many people I can before I leave the earth.


Fashion Inspiration : Punky Brewster x Denise Huxtable x Hilary Banks

Fav Item to Shop For : I love to (window) shop for Presidential Rolexes, but an item I can’t help but buy anytime I go shopping is cool Socks.


Even though Britney and I went to rival schools (boo LMU, Go Waves!) when we first started working together we instantly became friends! I love her style from head to toe so I  just had to share it with you!

• Thanks Brit •


• A Creative With Creative Swag •

So one of the reasons I started this blog was to work on my graphic design and photography. In doing so I’ve taken it upon myself to recuit my friends to be my models (thanks in advance loves)

Meet Imari.
Hometown : Louisiana
Current City : West Hollywood
Imari Imari started in our NY office as an intern while in school and our agency loved him so much that we brought him to LA…his new home. Since then we’ve become great friends!

Let me just tell you that he never has a dull day.
His hair is perfect.
His swag is flawless.
His personality is everything.

Currently working in the Creative Department he has big dreams…one fly fit at a time.


Dream Job : Director of Creative Services / Executive Producer
Aspirations : I want to be what Willis was talking about
Inspiration / Style : I like to look how I feel. Fashion is an important outlet to me. I can say so much by saying so little or nothing at all.


Thanks Boo!

All I Want Is You Mini Movie


In college I studied Digital Photography as a part of my multimedia design emphasis. For one of my courses we were charged with creating a live video using still shots and props. When I first got this assignment I just thought how crazy it was going to look in the end, but thankfully the long nights in the library and long drives through Malibu Canyon paid off.

I was thinking of creating a new one soon – about fashion in a runway type setting….just some creative ideas I’ve been thinking of doing when I have a day off!

Check it out 🙂

Text Over Textiles

A HGTV and DIY addict!

I wouldn’t say that this came as a surprise to me. When I was younger, smaller, and blonder, I would always dream of becoming and interior designer. I would often find myself  sitting in the backseat of my moms station wagon, window down, with a not so pony like ponytail that actually resembled a huge cotton ball due to its quantity  of curls, driving by million dollar homes in Beverly Hills and imagining their decor – from hardwood floors to tray ceilings and crown molding. Of course, aside from the hardwood floors, I didn’t know what those terms consisted of, yet alone existed. But one thing I was sure of was the fact that those terms would make their way into my vocabulary and become a part of my every day life.

As the years went by I found myself gaining more interest in the design aspect of homes rather than the actual architectural features. Little did I know I would soon take designing one step further  leaving behind my dream of interior designing and create a new dream….graphic designing. Switching up majors in college and focusing on text vs. textiles I found a new palette and new love….my computer.

Only recently have I grown nostalgic towards my childhood aspirations of becoming an interior designer, and I’d have to say I blame HGTV and DIY. I find myself watching those networks for hours! Dreaming of all the homes I could have designed – heck, forget designing….. I wish I lived in some of those homes!! One day, maybe when I reach retirement, I would love to go back to my first love of interior designing. Until then, I’ll keep redesigning my own home for the heck of it!

Dream Kitchen

“I am pure ______” – An Aquafina & Project Runway Challenge!



Aquafina, a new Walton Isaacson client, and “Project Runway” have teamed up to launch the “Aquafina Pure Challenge,” a competition that invites aspiring designers to submit an original Aquafina-inspired design, sketch or photo that showcases the pure essence of who they are with the caption “I am pure _______.”

I know many of you are in the fashion and design space so I really wanted to share this with you. This is an awesome contest and I wish I was talented in the fashion design space because I would totally enter myself!

Check it out here and be sure to “Like” Aquafina on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!