Life Update : Blessings With My Name On Them

What is up my little writers and readers!? Where the hell have you guys been!? Okay, maybe you’re not to blame since I’ve been SERIOUSLY slacking on updating this bad boy…BUT I have really really good reasons and a bomb excuse!

Life. Has. Been. AMAZING.

Like seriously. I claimed it last New Years Eve that 2016 was going to be my year and it has truly been all that and then some! Amen, Hallelujah! Now some of you may be wondering, “okay…so if life is so great why have you not been sharing with us?” Well, to be completely honest, y’all know I don’t ever like to jinx anything, nor do I really like to brag. But this sh*t right here, is about to be all about the glo up! And if you don’t know what that means…google it. 🙂 Now let’s get to it.

#MOOD. When I tell you that this has been one of the most happiest times of my life, I’m not even exaggerating. I believe that I have finally, truly found the answer to my own happiness. Which is one heck of an accomplishment in itself. For those of you that have been following me for quite some time now, you know that I have been through some pretty rough moments. Ones that have always weighed heavy on my heart and truly had an impact on my daily mood. From self-confidence, to dating, to work, to friends…these past few years of my life have been an emotional roller coaster. ONE THAT I AM ACTUALLY VERY THANKFUL FOR NONETHELESS. Because without everything that I have been through, I wouldn’t have gotten to the place I’m at today. Right here, right now, on my couch, drinking wine and eating pasta (don’t tell my trainer).

YUM! That transition was not planned, but whoop there it is – it worked. So yes, speaking of YUM…this is a word that with deep DEEP sadness I have not used lately the way that I used to. BUT I AIN’T EVEN MAD. Okay maybe a little, cause I would kill for a brownie right now to keep it lit. So if you couldn’t guess, this is another huge success that I have accomplished over the past two years (truly, the past year) – my weight loss and personal health. Now if you follow me on snapchat you’ve probably been a witness to my workout documentation of my body transformation. If not, than here is a little photo of where I currently stand fitness (body-selfie) wise.


I know you see those abdominal indents. I know you do! Thank you, thank you very much. I knew they were under all that fluff somewhere. So, yes, I have been busting my booty in the gym and eating healthier for quite some time. But ya girl still has some work to do. It’s coming, just wait on it.

PROGRESS and PATIENCE. Two things that go hand in hand when it comes to my work ethic. I have always been an extremely patient person in the work place (actually just in life in general lol). Since my background is in advertising and all things creative, it’s lowkey in my soul to have patience due to the billions of edits, feedback, stages, approvals, etc. etc. etc. that take place in the creative world. That being said, my patience has excelled since college but anyways, my point is I just recently was promoted at work and could not be happier! I’ve been wanting this for a while now and knew it would come one day, but I just continued to focus and work on bettering myself and teaching myself more and more so that I could handle whatever was thrown my way. WOO!

SELF TAUGHT SHAWTY. Last but not least, I’ve been working suuuuuuuper hard on building my creative portfolio lately, from KopyWrite to KJoiKaptures (same on IG), I really have been trying to venture out and continue to teach myself tools and tricks with a click. Being that outside of a couple of photography classes in high school and college I pretty much taught myself everything I know about photography – thanks to my advertising background, I learned to edit. But when it comes to social media and PR, I think I took one or two courses in COMM in college, but everything else I taught myself by reading and from experience. Which leads me to the point of this – I really want to begin to write more about what I do and how I do it. If you know me, you know I’ve been recently obsessed with YouTube and tutorials and such. In watching countless videos I became inspired to take what I know and share it with people because you never know who is watching, you never know who is reading, and you never know who you could end up helping make a difference in the world. What do y’all think?

That’s all for now – I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun post about more updates, a bit of beauty and a bit of booty (just kidding, but thought that would bring you back tomorrow). #thirsttrapteaser



Never Bored With Boards

Okay, so Pinterest has really done something to me and I’m not too entirely sure how I feel about it…wait, that’s a lie. I’m totally okay with it taking over my life. I mean really, it has EVERYTHING. I get a lot of really great ideas from Pinterest, and I also get inspired! If you’re not following me, you probably should because let’s face it, my boards are awesome. Ha! Just kidding, well no really I do think they’re pretty great. But I digress…

Anyways, the point of this post is just to share with you a few of my interests so you can get to know me a little better. I try to keep my personal life off of social media, because honestly what platform do you know that hasn’t ruined someone’s life? None. My point exactly. But still, I like to have a little fun and open up in a unique way. I’ve always been a fan of meeting new people, strangers, close friends, whatever it may be…I just love organic and genuine change!

So with Pinterest, you can literally see the things I like! From food, travel, shoes, clothes, more food, more fashion, it goes on….here’s a peak!

I have a passion for fashion, travel, photography, cooking, decorating, and so much more. So I hope that you enjoy a little look into the things that make me smile!

Happy Pinning!

Adore The Core

Anyone that knows me knows that while I love fitness, (I mean I grew up playing literally every sport) it has just really not been for me lately. My weight fluctuates way more that I would like it too, but it’s my job to try and keep it together. So about three weeks ago I started back at it, trying to work out everyday, trying to eat healthier (emphasis on the trying), and just getting my physical appearance back to the way it used to be senior year in college.

Side note: I’ve also recently become infatuated with Pinterest, which really helps me find great new workouts to try!

Anyways, so I’ve been doing pretty good lately! I’ve lost about 2 pounds and I can start to see a change in my body.

My goals are: flatter & tighter stomach, bigger ass (I mean who doesn’t want one), boost my energy level, eat healthier, clear up my skin, and of course, just lose weight and be healthy!

Wish me luck!

It’s Crunch Time . . .

What better way to start out the New Year than with a resolution that I actually intend on keeping! I plan to get in shape and STAY in shape! I know I’ve said that before…but I’m serious this time. I have four main reasons why/how this should be easier for me.

1. My bestie, Presh aka The Educated Squatter recently started a blog! One may ask, what does that really have to do with helping me get in shape….well, be patient. Presh is super active and is working on getting her body fit and legit! I always think working out is so much easier when you have a partner who is just as dedicated (in my case WAY more dedicated lol) than you are! So bring it on Presh!!

2.  About a month ago I got into a car accident – car totalled in all. Nothing broke, Praise the Lord! Yet, now I am left without transportation…therefore I walk / take the bus to work. Though it’s a mere mile of walking (the rest is bus riding) it’s a nice little exercise early in the morning. Plus…it’s always cold around 7am so it helps wake me up and be more energized throughout the day.

3. There’s this guy named Jeff that goes to my church and he is a fitness addict! He teaches a lot of fitness classes and coordinated awesome groups to help individuals work out. So Presh and I decided to join him and his group this Saturday on a hike near the observatory – should be fun! I’m also considering being more social and making more friends so now I will have multiple work out buddies – double score!

4. More workout buddies! My adopted cousin that I now claim, Mary, bought herself and I Groupon passes for Bar Method! I had never heard of it until she told me about it but apparently a lot of her co-workers love it. It’s supposed to be a mix of ballet, stretching and muscle toning – awesome!

So now that I have four reasons to have zero excuses….this better work! Pray for me y’all!! 🙂

I’d LOVE to have a body like this :



Cheers To The Weekend

There’s nothing I love more than a Friday. Well I lied, I love Saturdays, Sundays and days off…but you know what I mean. This weekend I’m going to get real serious with my life and my working regimen. I’ve been slacking and the results are really starting to show. I used to go to Spin Class every morning at 5:30am before I would head to work. It was great. Yes, it was a littler hard to get into at first, you know waking up super early and all. But the class was amazing. I have a different instructor on Monday and Tuesdays and then Wednesday through Friday I have the same one. His name is Paul. He is hilarious and great! With his class he focuses on working on full body workouts on the bike, and not just legs. But anyways my reason for bringing up the weekend is that by not working out often like I used to my energy level has gone way down. I’m always tired and I’ve been so grumpy. When I work out it’s like a new high. That being said…I gathered my work clothes into my Jessica Simpson fashionable gym bag and tomorrow evening I will be going to the gym. And then again on Sunday and hopefully my body will allow me to start back up with Spin classes come Monday Morning.

Here’s what I take in my gym bag :